Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

organized a full demonstration during Friday's lunch period. Air Jordan 10 Los Angeles Ocean Fog/Blue Lagoonmidnight Navy

"This was kind of the place to be," joked senior Jeff Rossow as he left the auditorium. "But I really came because there are some things going on that are wrong and we have to recognize that."

Hundreds of students wore T shirts with "Stop Hate. Just Love." emblazoned in giant letters. Principal Paul Peterson opened the event to the public. Hundreds of students, alumni, parents and residents crammed the auditorium to hear the message of tolerance.

There was guerilla theater and personal testimony, speeches from students and support from other gay, lesbian and bisexual advocacy groups.

Peter protest a call for respect

But Matz's openness also has made her a target. Her locker is a regular target for graffiti and Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date she said she's faced "incredible discrimination" since coming out.

Word of the protest spread quickly.

Peterson said the demonstration was a "learning opportunity" and complimented the organizers for their "theme of respect."

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

Peterson also stressed that St. Peter High School should be a safe environment for all students and that he appreciates a student body that recognizes a problem and takes action.

Matz and a handful of like minded students Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro C

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

By afternoon on the day Matz reported the graffiti, Peterson had begun an investigation and by Monday he had sent a letter home to parents. By mid week, students had started a Facebook group with members from around the country and by Friday's protest, T shirts were sold out.

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

Despite it all, mother Kathy Matz said Leah has never felt sorry for herself. "I couldn't be more proud," she said. "Even as a little girl, Leah worried about the people who were hurt. She did this today for those people."

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

"I'm proud of the organizers for stepping up and speaking out," he said. "When you talk about relevant learning experiences, this was about as relevant as it gets."

Since coming out of the closet as a lesbian in junior high, Matz has listened to her classmates call her names. She has heard and felt the hatred behind regular assaults in the hallways that included pushing, shoving and spitting. She listened to similar stories from Air Jordan 6 Carmine Og

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

Friday's demonstration wasn't Matz's first attempt to facilitate change. She started St. Peter High School's first Gay Straight Alliance and has posted fliers around the hallways. She's established contacts with several of the gay rights groups at area colleges and is not shy about discussing her sexuality or the abuse she's endured on its behalf.

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

"I wanted to stand up for all students, minorities or not, who are oppressed through acts of hate, whether they are physical, emotional, or verbal," Matz said. "There is no reason why a person should ever be made to feel inferior."

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

"I think it's important to step up and show support," said senior Annika Lammert, who volunteered to pass out signs. "Discrimination shouldn't happen to anyone."

So when Matz returned to her locker Feb. 1 and found "Dykes Suck" tagged onto the side of her locker with deodorant, she was ready to talk.

other students.

Jordan 11 Space Jam 2016 Release Date

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