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By August 1930, aged just 21 and after only 15 hours' flying time, she had become the first woman at her flying school to be awarded a private pilot's licence.

as some of the happiest of her life but, even then, she was a rebel.

Undaunted, his daughter resolved to raise the money herself by teaching the violin

After all, this was the 1920s, not the Victorian age, and he was keen for Pauline and her older sister, Dorothy, to have a decent education to fit them for the new world of the 20th century.

However the shocking news of her mother's suicide at Sandown Court cut short Pauline's daredevil activities, at least for a while, as she felt she should support her father.

WHEN solicitor Sir Robert Gower decided to send his daughters to Beechwood Sacred Heart school in Tunbridge Wells, he must have felt satisfied that he was doing the right thing.

But it was a chance joy ride in a plane during her final year at Beechwood which would change her life for ever. She was captivated by the experience of swooping high above the Kent countryside, and although she went through the motions of finishing school and the debutante season she later recalled: "I was bored to tears" by the age of 19 her mind was set on making a living as a pilot.

Pauline was brought in to recruit female pilots and, despite widespread scepticism about their abilities and some derision, the female force grew from just nine at the start of the war to almost 170 by the end.

A former classmate later recalled that she was seen as "a glittering figure", adding: "There wasn't a tree in the grounds she hadn't climbed, nor a dormitory window she hadn't climbed out of."

Pioneer pilot Pauline did our country proud

In the end, her father, a Kent MP and leading local figure, had come round to the idea of his daughter earning her living in this most unfeminine of professions, and it was his 21st birthday gift of a secondhand Simmonds Spartan two seater plane which helped to consolidate the fledgling business venture.

Jordans 13

Jordans 13

Sadly, the woman whose courage and determination had broken through so many barriers and opened up the world for a new generation of women died of a heart attack aged just 36 soon after giving birth to twin boys in 1947.

Jordans 13

Followed by finishing school and Air Jordan 4 Grey Orange

a season in London with other young debutantes, it would provide a sound start in life leading, hopefully, to a suitable Jordans 13 marriage.

However Pauline, his younger daughter, was never going to fit the mould. She would look back on her convent schooldays Jordans For Womens Size 10

Jordans 13

Jordans 13

But, with more than 2,000 flying hours under her belt, her reputation in aviation circles was well established.

Still only in her 20s, she had written a groundbreaking book, Women with Wings, with a foreward by her friend, pioneering airwoman Amy Johnson, and had been heaped with honours and appointments.

Jordans 13

Jordans 13

Jordans 13

Within months she and a partner, Dorothy Spicer, an aeronautical engineer, were running their own joy ride and air taxi service with a hired Gypsy Moth, and she was on her way to becoming one of the best known female pilots of all time.

By then an MBE, Pauline married Wing Commander William Cusack Fahie in June 1945.

Her father was horrified, and refused to pay for flying lessons.

Jordans 13

Court, the comfortable family mansion.

In 1938, amid widespread concern that the RAF had too few pilots to fight effectively, the government hastily set up the Air Transport Auxiliary to take over day to day tasks like ferrying new planes around or picking up damaged craft, freeing up RAF pilots for combat duties.

In the end, however, it was the Second World War which would shape the rest of her flying career.

Selecting a recently opened Roman Catholic school was a rather bold move in an ultra conservative town like Tunbridge Wells, particularly as he was not a Catholic himself, but the head was his wife's cousin and the place was close to home, just along the Pembury Road from Sandown Air Jordan 4 Black Laser

Jordans 13

As the idea of flying gripped the popular imagination, the pair went on to become popular performers in travelling air circuses and pageants, knocking up their flying hours and having the time of their lives.

Jordans 13

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