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(A true friend of Peter's.)

Detective Chief Inspector Brendan O'Shea, who led the investigation into Hilda's murder, said: "I'm delighted with today's verdict. This was a shocking murder, with an elderly and vulnerable woman subjected to a savagely violent attack by the very man who claimed to be caring for her.

Jordans 5 Am

her own home."

called colleagues have the guts to come forward (preferably in name, but otherwise anonymously) and produce their own evidence that he was ever anything but conscientious at his job. And I always understood that Peter worked mainly on the technical IT side (at which I know for a fact that he was very good) and had nothing to do with deciding who qualified for what benefits. So if you are dealing with computers all day, how on earth can you be accused of maltreating them? And have his employers ever made any comment on his professional work record, or is this just the petty minded provincialism of Mansfield's locals that is coming to the fore here?

Jordans 5 Am

Jordans 5 Am

and friends with some sense of justice whilst also reassuring the Skegby community in Ashfield that this murderer will no longer be living amongst them."

Peter Joyce QC, prosecuting, said after the verdict: "This was a murder for gain. The aggravating features were a degree of planning and premeditation.

"Throughout its course, the Nottinghamshire detectives and police staff involved worked tirelessly to bring Hilda's murderer to justice, and I would like to thank them all for their hard work and dedication.

I cannot believe the number of spineless so called friends who are now jumping on the moral bandwagon in the aftermath of this case. I only hope Peter's appeal succeeds and he can confront all of you with your own despicable comments in print one day soon. You are nothing but a bunch of whited sepulchres.

"Peter Smith's motives were cold hearted and calculated he was in a dire financial situation and wanted Hilda's money to get out of it. He was prepared to do whatever was necessary to get it, and left Hilda to die terrified and alone in her own home.

"This investigation was one of the most complex I have been Jordans 5 Am involved in and required months of enquiries and painstaking evidence gathering.

Jordans 5 Am

"No sentence will compensate for Hilda's death, but the simple fact that Smith is no longer walking the streets is a great comfort to us. We're relieved it is now over and we can try and get on with our lives.

"Our thoughts and sympathies are with all those who knew and cared for Hilda and I can only hope this conviction and sentence provides her family Air Jordan 4 Grey Green Glow

Jordans 5 Am

Peter Smith found guilty of murdering Hilda Owen in Skegby

Peter Smith is like the girl with the curl; When she's good she's very good but when she's bad!!!! Im sure there are plenty of people out there that may disagree with my comments but they may not have known Peter as long as me?

Where on earth have all these maggots in the woodwork been hiding? Suddenly, it seems, and although no one has ever said or noticed anything before, Peter Smith is allegedly guilty of fleecing and bleeding people, and depriving them of their self respect. And yet none of these supposedly pious civil servants and colleagues have ever reported anything before and apart from throwing the odd sicky, he is now supposed to have been a bad employee as well?!

All you lot who think Peter is guilty remember that there are no evidence, and if something like that can happen to someone as innocent as Peter it can happen to anybody. If the police need a conviction they'll do anything in their power to get one and if that means condemning an innocent they will do it without a second thought. So be very careful what you wish for as Nottingham police seem very good at it and you might be the next culprits for the next crime they can't solve, or at least I hope you will.

Responding to the verdict, Hilda's half sister Barbara said: "I'm gratified that justice has been done. Peter Smith is a callous and cold hearted killer who has taken advantage of a kind and vulnerable woman for his own benefit.

"My family and I would like to thank all the officers and members of Nottinghamshire Police who worked so hard to bring Smith to justice. Thanks to their tireless efforts, he is now behind bars where he belongs."

Guilty was the only possible outcome for this evil minipulitive man. I have seen him destroy to many people over the years. Unfortunately poor Hilda paid with her life.

Jordans 5 Am

I would suggest that these so Jordans For Girls Black And Blue

Jordans 5 Am

I have known this evil entity for over 20 years and I feel sorry for the innocent victims he has bled dry over the years of not only money but of there feelings and self respect.

Jordans 5 Am

"I would also like to thank the Crown Prosecution Service, the prosecution team and the barristers for all their efforts.

"It was an attack on a particularly vulnerable and disabled victim in Air Jordan 11 Blue Black

Jordans 5 Am

Jordans 5 Am

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