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I have a property in Northeast Philadelphia, I bought it around Mid September last month. As soon as the deal closed, I submitted in my application for the Philadelphia Business Privilege License (which was received online pretty much immediately) and then applied for the Rental License (AKA Housing Inspection license) for my rental property (apparently takes 4 6 weeks). Fast forward one month to today, I still have heard no word from Philadelphia L (even after calling/e mailing) and I ready to start renting it out, but one problem:

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The housing inspection license AKA rental license is another matter I can imagine that one going away. A little Nike Air Jordan 8 Aqua

A Certificate of Rental Suitability issued by the Department of Licenses and Inspections no more than sixty (60) days prior to the inception of the tenancy.

He said alternatively you can walk down to the Philadelphia Municipals building and directly request for Rental License, however, he warned that you need to bring a MONEY ORDER for the dues as well as it taking 4+ hours on a business day.

A copy of the "City of Philadelphia Partners for Good Housing" brochure issued by the Department of Licenses and Inspections."

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"The Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code (Section PM 102.6.4) requires an owner offering residential property for rent to provide the following to the tenant at the inception of each tenancy:

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I also spoke to a Philadelphia 3 1 1 line Government representative:

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if the private sector operated this way, they be out of business really fast.

Hmm, two interesting views. I like the try and rent it anyways, but I can seem to get around the Certificate of Rental Suitability. Don get me wrong, I rehabbed the place so that it is more than livable! The time it takes to get the license is just too long. Also, thanks Steve, I glad some people agree with this required license being too excessive. Also, here an update:

Spoke to a Property Management Co. based in Northeast Philadelphia:

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update on my property, I did purchase that property back in September, but it turned out to be Single Family residence out in Frankford. I received the rental license by walking down to Center City. Turns out a lot has happened since then and I purchased another property in February 2013, a Triplex out in Germantown, which I currently owner occupy. I sure you guys already know, for a triplex you do have to put in $150 check for a Triplex, instead of the owner occupied Duplex. Lead inspections every 2 years required for families with children 6 and under. I probably start a new thread to discuss this issue.

I just rent it out; you did what you had to do. They may fine you $100 (doubt it since it their fault for moving so slowly). The govt is like that gifaffe at the zoo. You know, always smiling slowing chewing on those leaves.

She asked me for the address, she pulls it up says, "It been in foreclosure for 2 years! We haven inspected it yet. How did we miss this?" The house had a boarded up door a broken window plus multiple stickers of pending foreclosure. T(this is not a big town).

As for the Single Family house in Jordan 11 Space Jam Release Date 2016

the link works fine for me just tried it from a different computer even.

Philadelphia Rental License

So if you elected to pay $50 per year for the BPL (made sense to do so in the past couple of years) then in 2014 that will go away. If you had the lifetime license for at least 6 years, then it paid to have a lifetime license I guess, rather than the $50 per year.

here is a verbatim statement from the Nike Air Jordan 19 page in the link:

Frankford, it was owned by a woman who lived there for 30 years. It definitely took a toll, but most of the structure was good bones, I ripped out the carpet and refinished the hardwood floors. Replaced some 2"x2" missing tiles with those small 1"x1" glass tiles from HD. Fixed many plaster crack issues with Alex Plus DAP caulk as well as Spackle and Drywall plaster Washers. Ripped out the wallpaper and repainted the entire house and replaced the stove. All in all a lot of elbow grease a few subcontractors, but eventually got it rented out in 3 days on the market!

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The BPL has two payment options; Jordan 13 Low Navy

Today, I put in a call to a village rep. She worked for the code enforcement. They have a policy of inspecting every foreclosure.

She told me, and I quote, "You gotta love our government. I know I work for the government but I mean the things they do makes no sense."

They said that you will have to wait the 4 6 weeks to get the license and then the Certificate, apparently it does take them that long.

"The lifetime license fee is $300, made payable to the City of Philadelphia. Some businesses may elect to pay a $50 annual fee. Starting in 2014, the fee for the Annual and Lifetime Commercial Activity License will be eliminated for all businesses."

I have heard before technically, you need a Rental License to rent. Although practically, I have heard that you don need it until you evict a tenant. The only problem is to get a Certificate of Rental Suitability, you need a Rental License for that property to get it. My question is, is there a way to get around this or are you at the mercy of the L department and waiting 4 6 weeks for license and then applying for the certificate?

Sigh, I don want to take a vacation day just for this but if I don get a response soon, I not sure if I can wait much longer. Any other thoughts out there?

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