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The city's tax capacity, Nike Jordan 4 Black

by $30,000, which would be a 1.4 percent increase to the levy. Spending on debt is not affected by levy limits, which explains why the levy can increase (for the loan payments on the fire truck) despite the limits.

The city is budgeting for a 10 percent increase in health insurance premiums.

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The city will also tap its reserves for $80,445, though it will still have enough in savings to fund 5.5 months of operations, well above its policy goal for reserves, of 4.2 months.

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Nike Jordan 11 Retro

"You tell us what level of service you want to provide and this is our best estimate," he said.

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Due to state imposed levy limits, the portion of the levy for the general fund can only rise Jordans 2016 Release Date For Boys

Next year, the city will make its first payment, of $97,750, on the loan Air Jordan Green Glow 4

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None of these spending items are set in stone; the city administrator has presented his budget and the council is free to cut or increase it as they choose.

Non union wages will rise by 3 percent. New contracts haven't yet been negotiated for unions, though Prafke hopes they can be agreed upon before the new year. He said the city is very lucky to have a good relationship with its unions.

for the fire truck, which cost about $500,000. This accounts for most of the increase to the levy, projected to rise to $2.19 million.

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The general fund increase, City Administrator Todd Prafke said in a memo to the City Council, is driven by personnel costs, utilities and Nike Jordan 11 Retro capital purchases.

The projected levy increase, if enacted, would raise the city portion of property taxes on a $150,000 home by $45.14 if the home's value didn't increase.

a function of its tax base, is projected to be unchanged at $4.1 million in 2014. In past years, a rising tax base allowed cities to raise their levies without raising tax rates, but that is no longer the case in St. Peter and elsewhere.

That said, Prafke said he doesn't present a fat laden budget just so the city can make a show of cutting it later in the fall.

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Nike Jordan 11 Retro

What makes the state's interference tolerable for cities, though, are increases in state aid, in this case of $292,328. This powers an increase in general fund spending of $373,610, at almost no cost to residents. That increase, if it were paid by local taxpayers alone, would require a 17 percent levy hike.

St. Peter is also projecting to spend $394,250 on new equipment, an above normal level of spending. A new plow or street sweeper accounts for about half of that total. And, like five other area local governments, St. Peter is budgeting $57,000 for its share of a new armored car for the regional tactical team.

Peter levy may rise 5

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Nike Jordan 11 Retro

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