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No, it provably optimal in flowing traffic as well. Nobody is saying you should wait until you 20 feet from the barrier and then swerve into the other lane. by forcing someone to brake)" then zipper merging is better than "moving over as Nike Jordan Black Toe soon as you can", even in light traffic.

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In an early merge there is no real merge point, people just merge wherever they can. As traffic backs up further and further people merge earlier and earlier.

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simulations zipper merging is an optimal solution. In reality, relying on thousands of drivers to properly follow specific directions and be completely aware of their surroundings is a flawed solution. Telling people how to do something efficiently doesn mean they do it that way. This is just cultural and is so much better than what we have in the west (like the USA). as you only have to worry about what is in front of you. Not what is in front of you, behind you, next to you, etc. There are no "blind spots" etc.

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Zipper merging is only optimal if traffic is already slowed down dramatically. If traffic is still moving at any kind of speed, then early merge when there is space available will clear congestion faster than everyone driving up to the merge point and hoping that it works out.

The problem is most people don know how to properly zipper merge, so pretending that everything would be hunky dory as long as people play by a set of rules that you know they aren likely to play by is an exercise in futility.

This is the commonly held belief that Nike Jordan Retro 4 Fire Red

Road capacity and driver efficiency are related. Roads have a theoretical capacity that is rarely reached due to inefficiencies in driver habits.

Nike Jordan Black Toe

Nike Jordan Black Toe

Well, quite a lot of traffic is already regulated by people "playing by a set of rules", and that ends up being hunky dory for the most part. If they were educated about zipper merge they would not have the same feeling.

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Nike Jordan Black Toe

Nike Jordan Black Toe

Nike Jordan Black Toe

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People early merge because they think it

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is false. It is false Air Jordan 4

because traffic is caused by lack of capacity, not inefficient driving.

Zipper merging is the optimal solution.

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Nike Jordan Black Toe

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