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Pinedale ozone task force submits mitigation recommendations

Wyoming DEQ Director John Corra said his staff will review the recommendations and determine the next steps.

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There are also recommendations to minimize emissions from hydraulic fracturing completion equipment and pits of water that may be giving off emissions, Crumpley said.

The company agreed to the recommendations because it wants to be responsible, Brown said.

"As part of the task force, we are one of many stakeholders providing our expert opinion to WDEQ, as requested," Brown said. "Our expectation is that, by working together on this important effort, we will develop recommendations that can effectively reduce emissions in the Upper Green River Basin.""It's been a work in progress, let me tell you," said Crumpley, who then sighed and laughed. "The Ruckelshaus Institute at the University of Wyoming are the facilitators. And they tried very hard to work with a very diverse group with different interest coming to the table, for instance environmental groups, and Forest Service and BLM and the gas industry people."

"If you put on a Tier 2 engine, like a drill rig engine, an FCR, which is a control reducing emission (technology,) it would reduce NOX by 90 percent," Crumpley said.

The recommendations call for a standard for leak detection and repair, she said.

pounds of emissions would be reduced if their recommendations were OK'd by the DEQ. However, they did study how specific pieces of equipment reduce emissions.

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If the DEQ approves the recommendations, they may cut back emissions that form ozone, Crumpley said.

engines, turbines and heaters, said Crumpley, who served on the task force and was on a drafting subcommittee that wrote and rewrote the recommendations.

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Jordans 13 Blue Grey And White

"The members of the task force brought different perspectives and came together in a productive manner," Mead said in a prepared statement. "I appreciate the many hours they contributed to this important issue. I look forward to the DEQ's analysis of their recommendations."

"That's huge because that's an important NOX emitter," Crumpley said.

"The recognition by all stakeholders that the ozone problems in the Upper Green must be addressed provided the common ground and the energy for an excellent collaborative process," Corra said the prepared statement. "The agency is pleased to receive these recommendations and will evaluate them over the next few months."

Crumpley is fairly happy with the document. She declined to discuss what specifically made her unhappy.

The task force submitted the recommendations to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality after Wednesday night's meeting in Pinedale.

The DEQ did not have time on Jordans 13 Blue Grey And White Thursday to make an estimate of the reduction in emissions, Wyoming DEQ spokesman Keith Guille said.

The task force operated under ground rules. There was total consensus on the recommendation, meaning each member had to OK all parts of the document. If anyone opposed a section, the recommendations couldn't go forward.

The recommendations, which may Air Jordan Green Glow 4

"We stayed courteous," Crumpley said.

Jordans 13 Blue Grey And White

Jordans 13 Blue Grey And White

be accepted, rejected or modified by the DEQ, address leaking emissions in "stationary sources" such as storage tanks, dehydration units, pumps, compressors, generators, Jordan 13 Retro White

The task force did not calculate how many Nike Jordan For Girls 2017

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"You have to make concessions when you come to a consensus," Crumpley said. "That is very hard when you have some concerns. I'm a Sublette County air breather. And I live here year around."

The recommendations were not made public Thursday. They will be posted on the website for the task force, officially known as the Upper Green River Basin Air Quality Citizens Advisory Task Force, Gov. Matt Mead's office said in a statement.

Pinedale resident Elaine Crumpley, president of Citizens United for Responsible Energy Development, told the Star Tribune there are 12 recommendations. Most are technical and would be difficult to understand without a glossary of industry terms, she said.

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Jordans 13 Blue Grey And White

Winter ozone levels in the Pinedale Anticline and Jonah fields have been higher than in large cities. Nitrogen oxide, or NOX, and volatile organic compounds can form ozone.

Task force member Craig Brown, a senior engineer with Denver based QEP Resources Inc., said his company has already installed state of the art controls "that exceed regulatory requirements, such as a liquids gathering system and selective catalytic reducers to lower the emissions from drilling rigs."

"In a perfect world it may work, but I think we have to not hold our breath," she said.

The recommendations also address leaking emissions from drilling rigs, called "nonroad mobile sources."

The group has been meeting since February.

The governor thanked the task force in a statement Thursday.

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A task force has recommended the natural gas industry install equipment on rigs, compressors and other products to control the leaking of emissions that create winter ozone in the Pinedale area.

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