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The customer doesn really care if it going into a bank, CC processing (my case), a hotel registration system (also my case), or a soulless SAP installation somewhere in the guts of your company (yes, this is also my case). billing information), but splitting hairs and asking for both is more bother for the user than it worth.

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Nike Jordans Womens

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To sum it up:TL;DR Names are complex, simply ask the person for an unicode representation of how they like to be called and use exactly that.1. Any reasonable assumptions or generealizations that you could try to make about names are wrong for millions of people, so don make any.2. There is no reasonable way to automatically split a person name in meaningful parts, because there is no such thing as a single universal ontology of meaningful name parts that will fit everyone. Treat personal names as indivisible, immutable items; don try to separate them in parts.3. There is no reasonable way to automatically generate Nike Jordan For Girls Black

Personal names around the world

To elaborate on what taejo said, in Danish personal names do not change spelling, even if they mean the same. It is not uncommon to see people given names or surnames being small variation of similar names. But in these terms, you should think of Kierkegrd and Kierkegaard in the same manner as or Philippe . In English, words like and are not pronounced as you think (from their spelling), because they are loanwords, and you just need to know this. Herr Mller wouldn be surprised to see his name spelled Mueller in ASCII only contexts. OTOH, in some families it is traditional to write the name without the umlaut, and in these cases it wrong to write it with, so Frau Mueller wouldn like to see her surname written Mller (though it has the same pronunciation and origin). Famous examples are Goebbels and Goethe (not Gbbels and Gthe). There a similar situation with vs. With that spelling reform, all normal words using as a digraph were respelled to use so for example "cemetery" went from "kirkegaard" to "kirkegrd". However the Nike Jordans Womens reform was not made mandatory for personal names; people could choose to retain the or switch to and many retained the traditional spelling (the traditional spelling was also retained for historical figures). There was some discussion about officially reforming the names of cities to use the new spellings, but both Aarhus and Aalborg (the 2nd and 3rd largest cities) strongly objected. So placenames were not reformed (unless a specific locality opted in). You do occasionally see the spellings rhus and lborg, especially in writing closer to the time of the reform, but those spellings didn catch on.

Nike Jordans Womens

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Nike Jordans Womens

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Nike Jordans Womens

a short polite addressable form from a full name, aside from (a) asking the user or (b) limiting yourself to a whitelisted subset of names that won work for millions of USA citizens, much less globally. So don even try.4. Don assume that you can infer [non]existence of family relations from their names. Mangling someone identity like that is pretty bad.

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Nike Jordans Womens

Nike Jordans Womens

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Does that mean that you can use Kierkegrd and Kierkegaard interchangeably? Does that cause confusion when you are trying to locate personal records?

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Nike Jordans Womens

Nike Jordans Womens

I agree, a "how should we address you field" is ideal. I like to add though that in case you might have to call them at some point, maybe ask them for a transliteration too where applicable (eg Japanese).

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Actually, rhus changed its name immediately after the reform, but Aalborg did not. Including one for Danish, where aa is sorted as one letter aligned with . Of course, in this case, it was ignorant of whether the word was actually Danish in origin, or me trying to give my files sortable names (yes, a Danish installation of Windows will use this sorting in directory views).

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the correct solution for asking for a name. As an example of this, as a side project I building an app for my wife (or other teachers) to collect assignments from her high school students and mark their work. In this case, there are separate fields to ask teachers "What name do other teachers call you?" and "What name do students call you?". Schmoe" to students. I also know of some women who married and changed their name, but still use their maiden name with students. Other teachers are casual with their students and have them use their first name.

via some big lookup table (or maybe heuristics). If it a Scandinavian name, is an alternate rendition of (retained mainly in proper names), and is sorted after But if it a foreign name, is just two in a row, and is sorted at the front. Therefore the city of Aalborg goes towards the end of an encyclopedia, but the city of Aachen goes towards the front. Encyclopedias still use the traditional sort order, as do hand ordered lists of people, but if you get a printout of students registered in a course from the registrar, it pretty likely it be sorted the way an English speaker would expect. Either that, or the reverse: the computer might use a collation method where all pairs are treated as an which isn quite right either, and maybe actually more confusing.

I can only agree. It absolutely horrendous UI to ask for anything other than "what is your name?". It incredibly unfortunate that various systems that one has to integrate with all have their own inadequate representation of names (given given etc.) when everybody would probably be happier with a single Unicode string "name". They keys by which the billing system can correctly identify the account to access. Don try to pretend that you know someone name just because you have their billing information. That name is definitely wrong even if one is John Smith and the other is Jane Doe.

Don treat those as personal names, then. Expose the bank interface to your user. If the bank is asking for "first and last name", then say, "the bank is asking for your first and last name; what do you wish us to tell them?"

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